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EV Charging Station Selection

Our services will start with a site visit, where we will get an understanding of your needs for your commercial EV charging station. We solely focus on commercial installations and will not install home charging systems. We have forged partnerships with popular brands to ensure the right selection, availability and superior service for your project.

Assistance with Grants and Rebates

There are numerous grants and rebates available to offset costs of installation. Our team will help you seek out the ones that are right for you. Learn more about grants and rebates here.

Site Survey and Planning

Planning the placement of charging station to meet your needs now and in the future is something we can help you with. We can also review your current electrical system and determine where new infrastructure is needed.

Profesional Installation

After plans are approved, and you have applied for grants, our experienced teams will perform the installation. We will leave you with all the necessary information you might require and train you on the software necessary to get the most out of your charger.

Our Services

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