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The Whys of

EV Chargers

Regardless of what kind of operation you run: if people can park at it, there's a new opportunity for you! If you operate a retail operation, a restaurant or any other customer facing business, giving customers an easy way to charge their car can lead to additional customers or longer time spent on location. Your employees will appreciate a chance to charge their cars during the day. Hotel guests and visitors of touristic sights will want to return to their charged car, ready to continue with their journey.


We all love the great Colorado outdoors and want to keep our environment pristine. We want to do our part to support the transition from fossil fuels to EVs, ideally powered with green energy. By installing commercial EV charges, we are alleviating the greatest concern of prospective EV buyers – where am I going to be able to recharge? Our ultimate vision is an EV charging station at every trailhead, allowing visitors to enjoy Colorado’s beauty while getting there in a sustainable way. Until we are there, we strive to make the network of commercial EV charging stations as dense as possible.


If you are installing EV chargers for commercial use, you will find significant opportunities for increasing revenue. You can charge your customers for refueling their cars or offer it as a free service to make your business more attractive. Either way, you will probably encourage people to either stop by to top off when they usually wouldn't, or to stay longer to finish a charge as they spend money inside your business. Similarly, as owners of office buildings, apartments, medical facilities and the like, you can either charge users to generate revenue directly, or advertise EV charging as a free amenity to attract tenants and customers. Data suggests that the buyers of new EV and hybrid vehicles are likely to be affluent, so you will want to attract them to your location!


Get Ahead of Regulations

Cities and counties increasingly add regulations to require the installation of EV chargers, particularly in new construction projects. Whether you need to catch up to the requirements or want to get ahead of the curve, looking at an installation now may save you time and money. In the City and County of Denver, all new buildings require 10% of all new parking spaces to be EV chargers. It is likely that there will be regulations on retrofitting existing buildings in the near future. Installing a commercial EV charger now, while rebates are still guaranteed and before chargers are required, will likely be more cost efficient than waiting. 

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